Heinz/2XL Solutions: Global campaigns & premium portal for Heinz employees

Briefing: Design & build a platform where Heinz marketeers can collaborate and adopt Heinz campaigns from other countries. Plus integrate a shop and order mechanism for Heinz premiums.
Methods: User interviews, sketching, concepting, paper prototyping, user interface design.
Solution: A campaigns platform/shop that stimulates interaction through gamification.
Results: Coming soon. The platform is rolled out in European Heinz offices in january 2014.

Agency: Info.nl | Role: UX lead, Interaction designer

  1. Paper prototyping for Heinz/2XL Solutions
    I chose paper prototyping to demonstrate the more dynamic parts of the interaction. This helped the client and the developers to quickly grasp the idea.
  2. Sketching/concept design for Heinz/2XL Solutions
    I sketched the main user flows and pages and presented these to the client. This helped to guide relevant discussions and reach consensus amongst stakeholders. Sketches work in this phase because they focus on function rather than on visual design.
  3. Gamification elements for Heinz/2XL Solutions
    One of the main drivers for success of the platform, is the 'gamification' element. This makes usage fun and rewarding and adds a competitive dimension.
  4. Interaction/UX design for Heinz/2XL Solutions
    After we agreed on the main functionalities, we created a detailed interaction design of the entire platform.
  5. Interaction/UX design for Heinz/2XL Solutions
    Interaction design for the shop part of the platform. Here users can find Heinz premiums that fit their campaigns.
  6. Visual design for Heinz/2XL Solutions
    Visual design by Bart van der Meiden.
  7. Visual design for Heinz/2XL Solutions
    Visual design by Bart van der Meiden.
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