Dutch Public Library: Interactive demo showcasing the future Dutch online library

Briefing: Create a site concept/demo that 1) attracts young users 2) enables local library sites to share functionality and content 3) creates internal support for a redesign of bibliotheek.nl.
Methods: User interviews, sketching, concepting, UI design, flash demo.
Solution: A modulair, personal and social platform that facilitates meaningful library usage.
Result: Stakeholders embraced the concept and the platform is being implemented (on going).

Agency: Info.nl | Role: UX lead, Interaction designer

  1. Concept and interaction/UX design for De Bibliotheek
    Customer journey sketch of a pupil using the app, website and public library. We based the scenarios on interviews we held with pupils and library employees.
  2. Concept and interaction/UX design for De Bibliotheek
    Personalisation module to offer the user the best experience. Young visitors land in a more playful platform with targeted content. Elderly people get larger fonts and more simple interaction.
  3. Concept and interaction/UX design for De Bibliotheek
    Positioning of modules & widgets on the page grid.
  4. Visual design for De Bibliotheek
    Visual design of bibliotheek.nl based on an elaborated design of the concept above.
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