All Options: Corporate website and recruitment game for this European trading house

Briefing: Redesign our corporate site & help us attract new talented employees (traders).
Methods: Interviews with (potential) traders, research & analysis, interaction + game design.
Solution: A site that breathes the All Options identity & a fun and challenging recruitment game.
Results: 8 new excited employees via the website within 2 months.

Agency: | Role: UX lead, Interaction designer

  1. Interaction/UX design for All Options
    Wireframe of the corporate site and an event registration form.
  2. Flowchart for All Options corporate site
    Flowchart for All Options’ corporate site
  3. Visual design for All Options corporate site
    Visual Design of the corporate site by Tobias van Veen. The site is informative, shows the company’s winning mentality and it’s key asset: the skilled employees.
  4. Online ecosystem for All Options
    To explain the concept we visualized the online ecosystem. Offline and online channels including social media work together to drive conversion to the viral recruitment game.
  5. Visual design for All Options recruitment game
    Visual design of the recruitment game. The game challenges and tests the player on typical trading competencies: numeric skills, speed, memory, knowledge and personality. Here the user’s memory is tested.
  6. Visual design for All Options recruitment game
    In between rounds the player sees his scores on all competencies.
  7. Visual design for All Options recruitment game
    We also designed and created an interactive 'company click film'. It showcases the informal atmosphere, the people and the great building of All Options.
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