I design the user experience of mobile apps, web applications, sites; e-commerce, corporate, campaigns

Jürgen Leckie, freelance UX Designer in Amsterdam

As a UX / interaction designer my goal is to help organisations to be successful. I advice on content & functionality across all online channels. And I design the user interface, from high level sketches on paper to detailed flows and interaction designs. My design decisions are based on user motivations, the goals and the context of the product or service. I enjoy working closely with the client & team members to make sure we're heading towards a great user experience. In the end your app or website should be relevant, simple to use and beautiful.

A short bio: In 2000 I started as a allround ‘multimedia engineer’ at various advertising & software agencies, doing it all: concept, design, coding, video editing and copy. In 2006 I moved to MTV Networks and was responsible for MTV online. Doing hands on UX work and supervising design & development. I continued as a UX designer at various agencies. My last job was at Info.nl, a Top 3 Dutch full service online agency. As senior UX designer/creative lead I serviced A-clients and guided junior designers. Within SCRUM/Agile teams I had the role of functional product owner. In 2013 I decided to go freelance.

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